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Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7. Changes in the transcript expression levels of the selected inflammation-associated genes (COX2 and NFκB), proto-oncogene (CTNNB1), autophagy-associated gene (CTSB), and apoptosis-associated genes (BCL2, CASP3, CASP7, CASP8, and CASP9). SKOV-3 cells were cultured with 0.1% (v/v) dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) alone (control) or DMSO containing α-mangostin (7.309 μM), apigenin (18.502 μM), or doxorubicin (0.431 μM) for 24 hr. Data are shown as the mean ± 1SD, derived from three independent repeats. * and ** represent a significant difference between the control and treated cells in each group at p < 0.05 or p<0.01, respectively.
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