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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Effect of CCex on the MDC production in the IFN-γ-stimulated HaCaT keratinocytes. (A) Cells (1.5 x 105 cells/mL) were pre-incubated for 18 hr, and then treated with IFN-γ (10 ng/mL) in the presence or absence of CCex for 24 hr (12.5–100 μg/mL). Cell viability was determined by the WST assay. (B) Cells (1.5 × 105 cells/mL) were pre-incubated for 18 hr and then treated with CCex (12.5–100 μg/mL) in the presence of IFN-γ (10 ng/mL) for 24 hr. The amounts of MDC were measured from the culture supernatants by ELISA. EGCG was used as a positive control. Data are the mean ± SD of three independent experiments. **p < 0.01 and ***p< 0.001 vs. CCex-untreated cells in the presence of IFN-γ.
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