Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 1~83
Original Articles
Fluorescence Detection of Cell Death in Liver of Mice Treated with Thioacetamide
Jin Seok Kang
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 1-6  
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Molecular Mechanism of Atopic Dermatitis Induction Following Sensitization and Challenge with 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene in Mouse Skin Tissue
JiYoun Kim, JaeHee Lee, SoJung Shin, AhRang Cho, and Yong Heo
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 7-12  
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Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation by Anthocyanins Isolated from the Fruit of Vitis coignetiae Pulliat is Associated with the Activation of AMPK Signaling Pathway
Min Ho Han, Hong Jae Kim, Jin-Woo Jeong, Cheol Park, Byung Woo Kim, and Yung Hyun Choi
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 13-21  
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Protective Effect of Isoliquiritigenin against Ethanol-Induced Hepatic Steatosis by Regulating the SIRT1-AMPK Pathway
Ann-Yae Na, Eun-Ju Yang, Ju Mi Jeon, Sung Hwan Ki, Kyung-Sik Song, and Sangkyu Lee
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 23-29  
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Antioxidant and Skin Anti-Aging Effects of Marigold Methanol Extract
Chul Ho Kang, Sung Ja Rhie, and Young Chul Kim
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 31-39  
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Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Alters Sperm Parameters and Testicular Antioxidant Status in Diet-Induced Obese Rats
Ibukun P. Oyeyipo, Bongekile T. Skosana, Frans P. Everson, Hans Strijdom, and Stefan S. du Plessis
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 41-48  
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Subacute Inhalation Toxicity of Cyclohexanone in B6C3F1 Mice
Yong-Hoon Lee, Yong Hyun Chung, Hyeon-Yeong Kim, Seo Ho Shin, and Sang Bae Lee
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 49-53  
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Subchronic Oral Dose Toxicity Study of Enterococcus Faecalis 2001 (EF 2001) in Mice
Yeun-Hwa Gu, Takenori Yamasita, and Ki-Mun Kang
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 55-63  
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Pretreatment of Low-Dose and Super-Low-Dose LPS on the Production of In Vitro LPS-Induced Inflammatory Mediators
Byeong Suk Chae
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 65-73  
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Mental Stress from Animal Experiments: a Survey with Korean Researchers
Minji Kang, AhRam Han, Da-eun Kim, Troy Seidle, Kyung-Min Lim, and SeungJin Bae
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 75-81  
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Erratum to “Anti-Inflammatory Effect of 3-Bromo-4,5-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde, a Component of Polysiphonia morrowii, In Vivo and In Vitro” [Toxicol. Res. 33 (2017) 325–332]
Na-Jin Kang, Sang-Chul Han, Hyun-Jae Kang, Geum Ko, Weon-Jong Yoon, Hee-Kyoung Kang, and Eun-Sook Yoo
Toxicological Research 2018; 34(1): 83-83  
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Bio-Inspired Green Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Mechanism, and Antibacterial Application
Palaniyandi Velusamy, Govindarajan Venkat Kumar, Venkadapathi Jeyanthi, Jayabrata Das, and Raman Pachaiappan
Received: July 28, 2015; Revised: August 7, 2015; Accepted: August 18, 2015
Targeting Cancer Metabolism - Revisiting the Warburg Effects
Quangdon Tran, Hyunji Lee, Jisoo Park, Seon-Hwan Kim, and Jongsun Park
Received: March 15, 2016; Revised: April 21, 2016; Accepted: May 20, 2016
Isolation and Identification of Cytotoxic and Biological Active Toxin from the Puffer Fish Arothron stellatus
Anguchamy Veeruraj, Sampath Renuga Pugazhvendan, Thipramalai Thankappan Ajithkumar, and Muthuvel Arumugam
Received: November 12, 2015; Revised: April 19, 2016; Accepted: May 20, 2016
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