Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 281~373
Invited Reviews
Thresholds of Genotoxic and Non-Genotoxic Carcinogens
Takehiko Nohmi
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 281-290  
Quantitative Approaches to Assess Key Carcinogenic Events of Genotoxic Carcinogens
Shoji Fukushima, Min Gi, Masaki Fujioka, Anna Kakehashi, Hideki Wanibuchi and Michiharu Matsumoto
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 291-296  
Chronological Switch from Translesion Synthesis to Homology-Dependent Gap Repair In Vivo
Shingo Fujii, Asako Isogawa and Robert P. Fuchs
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 297-302  
Benchmark Dose Modeling of In Vitro Genotoxicity Data: a Reanalysis
Xiaoqing Guo and Nan Mei
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 303-310  
Substantial Evidences Indicate That Inorganic Arsenic Is a Genotoxic Carcinogen: a Review
Jinia Sinha Roy, Debmita Chatterjee, Nandana Das and Ashok K. Giri
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 311-324  
Original Articles
Modulation of Inflammatory Cytokines and Islet Morphology as Therapeutic Mechanisms of Basella alba in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
Dennis S. Arokoyo, Ibukun P. Oyeyipo, Stefan S. Du Plessis, Novel N. Chegou and Yapo G. Aboua
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 325-332  
Ferulate, an Active Component of Wheat Germ, Ameliorates Oxidative Stress-Induced PTK/PTP Imbalance and PP2A Inactivation
Eun Mi Koh, Eun Kyeong Lee, Chi Hun Song, Jeongah Song, Hae Young Chung, Chang Hoon Chae and Kyung Jin Jung
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 333-341  
Twenty-Eight-Day Repeated Inhalation Toxicity Study of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
Yong-Soon Kim, Yong-Hyun Chung, Dong-Seok Seo, Hyun-Sung Choi and Cheol-Hong Lim
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 343-354  
Mixture Toxicity of Methylisothiazolinone and Propylene Glycol at a Maximum Concentration for Personal Care Products
Juyoung Park, Handule Lee and Kwangsik Park
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 355-361  
Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Small Mesenteric Arteries Is Downregulated by Angiotensin II but Not by Hypertension
Kyu-Tae Kang, Jennifer C. Sullivan and Jennifer S. Pollock
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 363-370  
Erratum to “Distribution of Seven N-Nitrosamines in Food” [Toxicol. Res. 31 (2015) 279-298]
Jong-eun Park, Jung-eun Seo, Jee-yeon Lee and Hoonjeong Kwon
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 371-371  
Erratum to “Anti-Diabetic Effect of Dung Beetle Glycosaminoglycan on db Mice and Gene Expression Profiling” [Toxicol. Res. 34 (2018) 151-162]
Mi Young Ahn, Ban Ji Kim, Hyung Joo Yoon, Jae Sam Hwang and Kun-Koo Park
Toxicol. Res. 2018; 34(4): 373-373  


Recognition of Transmembrane Protein 39A as a Tumor-Specific Marker in Brain Tumor
Jisoo Park, Hyunji Lee, Quangdon Tran, Kisun Mun, Dohoon Kim, Youngeun Hong, So Hee Kwon, Derek Brazil, Jongsun Park, and Seon-Hwan Kim
Received: November 28, 2016; Revised: November 30, 2016; Accepted: December 2, 2016
Evaluation of Haemagglutinin Content by RP-HPLC to Generate Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
Hyunkyung Kang, Hang Sik Roh, Hyemin Song, Kwangmoon Lee, Seung-Tae Chung, Sang-ja Ban, In Pil Mo, Beum-Soo An, and Chi-Young Ahn
Received: April 7, 2016; Revised: July 29, 2016; Accepted: August 1, 2016
Inhibition of Carcinogen-Activating Cytochrome P450 Enzymes by Xenobiotic Chemicals in Relation to Antimutagenicity and Anticarcinogenicity
Tsutomu Shimada
Received: February 9, 2017; Accepted: February 16, 2017
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