Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 295~410
Invited Reviews
Extrapolation of Hepatic Concentrations of Industrial Chemicals Using Pharmacokinetic Models to Predict Hepatotoxicity
Hiroshi Yamazaki and Yusuke Kamiya
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 295-301  
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Adaptive Responses to Electrophilic Stress and Reactive Sulfur Species as their Regulator Molecules
Yoshito Kumagai, Masahiro Akiyama and Takamitsu Unoki
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 303-310  
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Toxicometallomics of Cadmium, Manganese and Arsenic with Special Reference to the Roles of Metal Transporters
Seiichiro Himeno, Daigo Sumi and Hitomi Fujishiro
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 311-317  
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Future Directions of Pharmacovigilance Studies Using Electronic Medical Recording and Human Genetic Databases
Young Hee Choi, Chang Yeob Han, Kwi Suk Kim and Sang Geon Kim
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 319-330  
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Review Article
Molecular Markers in Sex Differences in Cancer
Ji Yoon Shin, Hee Jin Jung and Aree Moon
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 331-341  
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Original Articles
Implications for the Predictivity of Cell-Based Developmental Toxicity Assays Developed Two Decades Apart
Satoshi Kawamura, Nobuyuki Horie, Noriko Okahashi and Hashihiro Higuchi
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 343-351  
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Alleviation of Ultraviolet B-Induced Photoaging by 7-MEGATM 500 in Hairless Mouse Skin
Kyo-Hyun Park, JiYeon Kim, Suryun Jung, Kyung-hwa Sung, Yeon-Kyoung Son, Jung Min Bae and Bae-Hwan Kim
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 353-359  
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1,2-Dichloropropane (1,2-DCP)-Induced Angiogenesis in Dermatitis
Meiying Jin, Youngeun Hong, Hyunji Lee, Quangdon Tran, Hyeonjeong Cho, Minhee Kim, So Hee Kwon, Nak Heon Kang, Jisoo Park and Jongsun Park
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 361-369  
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Toxicological Evaluation of Saposhnikoviae Radix Water Extract and its Antihyperuricemic Potential
Chang Won Kim, Jae Hyuck Sung, Jeong Eun Kwon, Hyeon Yeol Ryu, Kyung Seuk Song, Jin Kyu Lee, Sung Ryul Lee and Se Chan Kang
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 371-387  
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Study on Consumer Exposure to Sun Spray and Sun Cream in South Korea
Mihyun Oh, Seoyoung Kim, Jieun Han, Sodam Park, Go Un Kim and Susun An
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 389-394  
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Intracutaneous Delivery of Gelatins Reduces Fat Accumulation in Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue
Sung-Min An†, Min Jae Kim†, Keum-Yong Seong, Jea Sic Jeong, Hyeon-Gu Kang, So Young Kim, Da Som Kim, Da Hee Kang, Seung Yun Yang and Beum-Soo An
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 395-402  
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Theracurmin (Highly Bioavailable Curcumin) Prevents High Fat Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis Development in Mice
Jin Won Yang, Hee Kyung Yeo, Jee Hye Yun and Jung Un Lee
Toxicological Research 2019; 35(4): 403-410  
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Basic Principles of the Validation for Good Laboratory Practice Institutes

Received: October 2, 2008; Accepted: February 10, 2009
Bio-Inspired Green Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Mechanism, and Antibacterial Application
Palaniyandi Velusamy, Govindarajan Venkat Kumar, Venkadapathi Jeyanthi, Jayabrata Das, and Raman Pachaiappan
Received: July 28, 2015; Revised: August 7, 2015; Accepted: August 18, 2015
The Role of Nrf2 in Cellular Innate Immune Response to Inflammatory Injury

Received: December 2, 2009; Accepted: December 2, 2009
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